From here you can download the most recent VSpec and VSpec Pro releases, the SafeNet security system driver, demos, technical documentation, manuals, brochures and utility programs.

Latest Installation Files [COMING SOON]

The latest VSpec and VSpec Pro version number is:

Click here to download the most recent VSpec installer (EXE file, ~6MB)

Click here to download the most recent VSpec Pro installer (EXE file, ~3MB)

Click here to download a summary of the changes introduced in version 5.0.

To find out what version of VSpec you're already running, select the Help | About command.

To install VSpec updates, simply download and run the installer program, then follow the on-screen instructions. You can safely install these updates without uninstalling any previous version. Your existing settings will be preserved.

IMPORTANT: If you install VSpec for the first time using a downloaded installer, rather than the installer from an original CD, then ensure that you have also installed the Security Key System Driver.

SafeNet Security Key System Driver

The SafeNet Sentinel SuperPro USB security key used with V++ requires that you install a system driver, available for free download. If you install V++ from the original CD then the driver is automatically installed for you.

If your first installation of V++ on the computer you are now using was from a downloaded installer then you must also download and install the SafeNet system driver.

Click here to download the latest SafeNet system driver (links to an external web site).

Demo Version [COMING SOON]

The VSpec Pro demonstration is a full working copy of the latest version of VSpec Pro. In most respects it operates exactly like the real product, including all image capture functionality, but does not require a security key. There are a few restrictions in the demonstration version - for example, you may only open authorized images and may not save any files or transfer any data to other applications. The demo help file provides more information about restrictions in the demo version.

Price Lists

Click to download Digital Optics end-user price lists in the following currencies:

United States dollars
Australian dollars
New Zealand dollars

Brochures [COMING SOON]

Click here to download a color VSpec brochure (PDF file, 1.4MB)

For more product information about VSpec or VSpec Pro, including features and specifications, please refer to the Product Information page.

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