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Fax service has been discontinued.
Please send email or contact us by phone.

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Digital Optics Ltd
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Digital Optics Ltd
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Company Background

For more information about Digital Optics, and our partners and international distributors, please refer to the About Us page.

Time Zone Information

If calling, please remember that the New Zealand time zone is 12 hours ahead of GMT (i.e. 17 hours ahead of EST and 20 hours ahead of PST). In practice, if you're calling from the west coast of the USA,
we are 4 hours behind you and one day ahead.

Daylight saving time runs from late September to early April and moves our clocks forward by 1 hour.

Report Bugs and Feedback

Please email support@digitaloptics.co.nz to report bugs and make suggestions about our products and services. We welcome customer feedback, especially about features you would like us to implement in V++ or VSpec.

If you need to report a possible bug then please be sure to include your contact details, product version, operating system, and, if possible, let us know how to reproduce the problem.

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