Here's how to contact us for technical support or to report bugs

Contact Technical Support

To contact Digital Optics technical support please send e-mail to: support@digitaloptics.co.nz 

You can also contact us by telephone at: +64 (9) 212 5619.

If calling, please remember that the New Zealand time zone is 12 hours ahead of GMT (i.e. 17 hours ahead of EST and 20 hours ahead of PST). In practice, if you're calling from the west coast of the USA,
we are 4 hours behind you and one day ahead.

Daylight saving time runs from late September to early April and moves our clocks forward by 1 hour.

Send feedback or bug reports

To send us your feedback or to report a problem with any Digital optics product, please use the form provided on our Contact page or send e-mail directly to info@digitaloptics.co.nz

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