From here you can download the most recent V++ release, the SafeNet security system driver, demos, technical documentation, manuals, brochures and utility programs.

Latest Installation Files

The latest V++ version number is:

Click to download the latest V++ installer in your preferred format:

Windows installer (EXE file, ~8.6 MB)

Compressed archive (ZIPX file, ~8.5 MB)

The ZIPX file contains the same EXE installer available above and is included for those users whose local network policies discourage direct downloading of EXE files. You can unzip the file with a utility program such as WinZip. The V++ installer has been virus scanned and is safe to download.

The web installer now includes the security key system driver so can be used either for an update or for the initial installation.

From V++ onwards, the installer and main executable file are digitally signed. This will eliminate the 'unknown publisher' message that may appear with earlier installers.

Click here to download a summary of the changes introduced in version 5.0

Special upgrade pricing is available for users of earlier versions of V++. Your existing security key will be updated in order to run the new release. Contact your local V++ distributor for details.

To find out what version of V++ you're already running, select the Help | About command.

To install V++ updates, simply download and run the installer program, then follow the on-screen instructions. You can safely install these updates without uninstalling any previous version. Your existing settings will be preserved.

Price Lists

Click to download Digital Optics end-user price lists in the following currencies:

United States dollars
Australian dollars
New Zealand dollars


Click here to download a color V++ brochure (PDF file, 1.4MB)

Click here to review and download V++ application notes

Click here to review and download information about the VPascal automation language

For more product information about V++ or VSpec, including features and specifications, please refer to the Product Information page.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (Section 508 VPAT)

The purpose of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, is to assist United States Federal contracting officials and other buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial "Electronic and Information Technology" products and services with features that support accessibility.

Click here to download the current VPAT for V++

SafeNet Security Key System Driver

The SafeNet Sentinel SuperPro USB security key used with V++ requires that you install a system driver, available for free download. If you install V++ from the original CD then the driver is automatically installed for you.

If your first installation of V++ on the computer you are now using was from a downloaded installer then you must also download and install the SafeNet system driver.

Click here to download the SafeNet system driver (links to an external web site).

Demo Version [COMING SOON]

The V++ demonstration is a full working copy of the latest version of V++. In most respects it operates exactly like the real product, including all image capture functionality, but does not require a security key. There are a few restrictions in the demonstration version - for example, you may only open authorized images and may not save any files or transfer any data to other applications. The demo help file provides more information about restrictions in the demo version.

Previous Versions

If you're still using the previous version then you can download the final build of that version here. We strongly recommend, however, that all users should upgrade to V++ 5.0.

Click here to download V++ (ZIP file, ~2.3 MB)

Users of older PVCAM cameras (driver versions 2.3 and below) should upgrade the PVCAM drivers if possible, or click to download V++ (ZIP file ~2.7 MB) instead.


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